Directors and Departments

Directors and Departments

Officers & Board of Directors 2023

Executive Committee:


Michael Nelson, Montague

1st Vice President Russ Cross, Greenfield
2nd Vice President Sue Brulotte, Greenfield
Treasurer Suzanne Hunter, Greenfield
Secretary Peg Saulnier, Greenfield

Board of Directors:

  • Jennifer Breuer, Shelburne Falls
  • Sharon Cross, Greenfield
  • Steve DeJoy, Northfield
  • Marlene Field, Shelburne Falls
  • Catherine Halberg, Shelburne Falls
  • Kathleen Halberg, Buckland
  • Sue Koch, Greenfield
  • William McDonough, Greenfield
  • Tom Niedzwiecki, South Deerfield
  • Marian Noga, Charlemont
  • Liza Pantermehl, Ashfield
  • John Passiglia, Greenfield
  • Linsey Paulson, Millers Falls
  • Shirley Tombs, Shelburne
  • Victoria Tubbs, Greenfield
  • Caitlin von Schmidt, Greenfield

Lifetime Members:

  • Frostine Bean, Whately
  • LuAllen Chadwick, Greenfield
  • Paul Conway, Hampton, NH
  • Helen Gould, Shelburne
  • Conrad Halberg, Buckland
  • Linda Keech, Gill
  • Michael Scranton, Colrain
  • Norman Sessions, Heath
  • Fred Steiner, Greenfield

Department Heads

Adult Cattle Sara Porrovecchio
Adult (open) Sheep Amanda Abramson & Julie Severence
Attractions Steve DeJoy
Beer Garden Jason Edson
Concessions Sue DeJoy & Sue Brulotte
Draft Horses & Oxen Josh Porter
Fish & Wildlife Susan Koch & Victoria Tubbs
Gates and Admissions Peg Saulnier
Grounds Rentals Michael Nelson
Grounds Staff Tim Shippee & Doug Walsh
Information Booth Babette & Harvey Phelps
Kids' Tent Kiersten Mulcare
Museum Caitlin von Schmidt & Francesca Passiglia
Office Suzanne Hunter
Parade Linsey Paulson & Bethany Nelson
Parking Don Healey
Poultry Pinnie Sears
Pre-Fair Judie Tate
Premiums Liza Pantermehl
Public Safety Bob Hunter
Rabbits Shirley Tombs
Recycling Amy Donovan
Round House Catherine Halberg & Jennifer Breuer
Trash Busters Russell & Sheila Johnson
Youth Cattle Karen Herzig
Youth Hall Jane Markoski
Youth Oxen Josh Porter
Youth Sheep Amanda Abramson & Julie Severence

Franklin County Fair

89 Wisdom Way
Greenfield, MA 01301